Bear Fence - Pentagon - Outfitter 45x45ft (15lbs) 189 SQ FT

Counter Assault Pentagon™ Electric Bear Fence  15 lbs (Batteries not included) 

53-ft. portable electric mesh fence system

Exceeds U.S. Forest Service specifications

8,000 volts – 0.12 joules

Runs continually for 30-40 days

Sets up a 189-sq.-ft. secure area

The Counter Assault Pentagon Electric Bear Fence is a 53-ft. portable electric mesh fence-system kit that meets or exceeds U.S. Forest Service specifications. This fence uses high-quality components to protect you and your property with a battery-operated, lightweight orange electric mesh fence with 8,000 volts – 0.12 joules. It can run continually for 30-40 days. Everything you need to set up a 189-sq.-ft. secure area is included and weighs just 15 lbs. Carry pack included. Imported.