Toilet Portable / Clean GO Tri Leg

Toilet Portable / Clean GO Tri Leg
USD $25.00
  • Features

    • The stable tripod design holds a standard-size seat at the right height and supports up to 500 lbs.; folding legs lock in both open and closed positions
    • Hygienic design ensures no contact with waste; 1 GO Anywhere Toilet Kit® is included with purchase.
    • Each biodegradable kit contains a waste bag, zip-close puncture-resistant storage bag, toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
    • Poo Powder quickly turns waste into a stable gel for easy transport and safe disposal
    • Odor neutralizers, not perfumes, eliminate unpleasant odors; decay catalyst initiates decomposition
    • Durable high-impact thermoplastic construction; all parts can be sterilized
    • GO Anywhere waste bags are landfill approved and can be disposed of in trash with regular garbage
    • Permitted by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management for use on rivers and in Wilderness Areas where toilets are required
    • Cleanwaste PETT portable environmental toilet is recommended by the Leave No Trace program in conjunction with the National Forest Service
    • GO Anywhere Toilet Kit® waste bag refills sold separately

    Made in USA.