Car Camp PKG (2 People) 2 to 3 Person Tent, 2 Sleeping Bags, 2 Pads, 2 chairs, 2 burner Stove, 1 Pot/1Pan, 1--48QTCooler, 1 tarp 1 Bear Spray

Rent a tent, sleeping bags, pads, Bear spray  etc.  Anchorage Camping Trip - Gear up. Rent our most popular car camp package. 

Package - Alaska Car Camping Package for 2 People. Enjoy camping this summer. We make the rental gear easy for your Alaskan camping trip/ road trip, family vacation.

We also have many add ons that you can add to this basic package.     and retail items you can add on.  Airport or hotel delivery.  One way rentals. 

This base package includes

2 Person Tent renal

 2 Sleeping Bags 20 degree mummy or rectangular, Non Compression sleeping bag rental

2 Sleeping Pads Air full size air pad rental

2 Camp chairs rental

1 Coleman 2 burner Stove (and 1 partial fuel - free with purchase of new fuel).

2 Pot/Pans - handle Not to be used in or on campfires  

1 Cooler 48QT rental

1 - 8x10 tarp.  

*Fuel and rope not included

Perfect for Alaskan road trips, you can pick up at Alaska 4x4 or you at the Anchorage international airport when you pick up your car rental. You can also pick up at your Anchorage or Fairbanks Hotel so you are ready to go first thing in the morning. See our concierge services. One way rentals available too. Many cities contact us for details.

You can also set up to purchase retail items and have delivered or available after hours. Matches, dried food, fuel, Toilet paper, etc.

Camping adventures at South Rolly Lake, Seward Waterfront Campground. Or Byers Lake, Riley Creek, Savage River Campground in Denali National Park. Reserve America. KOA campgrounds

With planning you can set up to pick up early hours, after hours, etc.  Contact us for details.