Bear Keg - Counter Assault (Bear Canister) Carry case available/as add on

What's worse, getting back to camp to find that all your food's been eaten, or being scared that a bear's going to come back looking for more? Trick question, they're both the worst, which is why you should stash your comestibles in the Counter Assault Bear Keg to keep Griz out of your campsite. Try as he might, he won't be able to get into the polymer vault or turn the coin-slot locks that are easy for human hands, so your snacks will be safe and the bears will be discouraged and look elsewhere for treats.  Opens easily with coin or key. 

  • Polymer 
  • Smooth sides and round edges
  • Stainless steel locks
  • Volume11.7 L

    Dimensions 14 x 9 in