Aqua Tabs

Aqua Tabs
USD $9.95
Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets - Package of 30

No matter if you're in Peruvian mountain passes or high-traffic wilderness areas closer to home, Aquatabs water purification tablets quickly and reliably purify drinking water.


  • EPA-approved tablets are effective against viruses, bacteria and Giardia cysts, providing safe drinking water in just 30 min.
  • Each tablet treats up to 2 quarts of clean water or 0.8 quart of dirty water
  • Ideal for ultralight backcountry trips, international travel and domestic emergency use
  • Individually packaged, perfect for backing up your microfilter in an emergency
  • Note: Aquatabs are not effective against Cryptosporidium
  • Package contains 30 tablets


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Technical specs

Best Use

Backpacking, Emergency Preparedness, Travel

Filter Type


Active Ingredient(s)

Sodium Dichlorisocyanurate


Protozoa, Bacteria and Viruses