Net - Landing (Salmon)

All three of these models are constructed of black anodized aluminum handles and hoops. 
  • The Octagon Handle Salmon Walleye large boat net guarantees perfect alignment of the snap button. 
  • The 5/8" diameter reinforced hoop ring measures 27" x 30" and supports a 48" deep net 48" handle.
  • The Steelhead Wading Net measures 38" overall (12" handle) with a hoop size of 19" x 20" and a 36" deep net. It has a comfortable foam grip and a stretch cord on the handle.
  • The Hook-Free Rubber Net features thermal plastic rubber that won’t snag hooks or harm fish. Its octagonal telescopic handle adjusts from 42" to 65". Hoop measures 22" x 20".
  • Hoop size (in.): 27 X 32 outside
    Diameter (in.): .625
    Handle length: 48 in., 54.25 in., 7 ft. 2.5 in.
    Net depth (in.): As measured on hoop 44
    Handle Diameter (in.): 1.25 round grip and 1.25 hexagon
    main shaft. (Internal shaft is 1 in. across)
    Rubber Handle grip is 5 in. long.
    Mesh Size (in.): 1.75 x 1.75