Bear Fence - UDAP Bear Shock Outfitter Fence with (8) 4 FT posts.

USD $50.00

Sleep With Peace Of Mind! Have a good night's sleep! Bear Shock helps provide safety and peace of mind for you and your family while enjoying the outdoors. This bear shock electric fence is 1 foot higher than the original. and contains eight 4ft posts. The 4 foot Posts are great for the Alaska tundra and also for use as a horse corral. 4 foot post adds height. (Includes 8 Posts instead of 4) Fits in Storage Bag 8"x 25" Weighs only 5.9 pounds with batteries Runs on 2 D-cell Batteries (not included) Batteries will charge fence for approximately 5 weeks Complete Kit Includes 1- Energizer 8- fence 4 ft. posts that break down 1- Hot Wire 3- Electrical Poly Wires 180ft long 1- Ground Wire 1- Role of Flagging Tape 1- Ground Stake